5 Tools DIY Bowhunters Should Own

There are plenty of archery shops out there, each with their own bow mechanic.

While this is great for fixing technical problems when you are just getting started, what about when things happen over non-business hours, or when you are traveling? This is where being a DIY Bowhunter has its advantages.

Allen Wrenches

You will probably already have some allen tools at home or in your truck because of how useful they are when working on your bow. Most nuts and bolts on bows, crossbows, and their accessories, can be removed using allen wrenches and they are also useful for other tasks such as adjusting pins, sights and arrows rests. They are not expensive tools to buy, so it can make sense to buy several sets and keep one everywhere you think you are likely to need to fix your bow.

D-Loop Pliers

The D-loop on your bow will probably be one of the first things that need replacing because it gets used with every shot and so gets more wear and tear than the other parts of the bow. If you have the right tools, and the ability, you can fix the D-Loop yourself very easily.

You will need some D-Loop pliers; a popular model is made by Carbon Express, called the String Loop Nocking Pliers. This is a really useful tool, and they can be used in every part of the process of D-Loop installation. You will not need any other tools, and the whole installation can be completed in three steps.

Bow Vise

A bow vise can be overlooked as a piece of equipment that a DIY bowhunter must have in their inventory but it is essential for keeping your hands free and letting you work more efficiently. Tying in peeps and drop away rests, serving repairs and mounting rests are just some examples of tasks that can be made easier when using a bow vise.

String Serving Tools

You will also find that the string on your bow experiences a lot of wear and tear. You can serve a string quickly and easily if you have the right tools.

An all in one serving kit is available from Bohning and when you need to center serve your string then this kit has everything you need. A string separator is included, along with a cable spreader, wax and a serving tool with thread. Another advantage of this product is that an instructional DVD is provided and this has all the information you need to learn to string serve your own bow. There are also sections on string care and back serving.

Bow Press

A bow press is still a useful piece of equipment, even if you have a bow that does not require a press to adjust it. It will probably be the most expensive tool that you have to purchase but you will not be able to carry out a lot steps in the tuning process without it. It is also useful to have around when you need a bow adjusting quickly and do not have the time to take it elsewhere.

The EZ Green Bow Press by Last Chance Archery is a good choice because it is simple to operate and will press any compound bow quickly. It retails for $399 and is an excellent addition to your kit. If you are looking for something more portable, then the Bowmaster Portable Bow Press offers everything that a full size model would be able to, and is ideal when you are on a road trip or far from home for some other reason.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 5 tools that every bowhunter should have if they plan on doing do it yourself bow repairs and maintenance. The investment is fairly small in comparison to your bow and other equipment, and it will be well worth your money in the long run.